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New Lean Manufacturing Library Creates Profitability Possibilities

By Product Management Team |

Manufacturing, like many industries, has been beset by a mix of new challenges since COVID-19 began. The supply chain issues have been particularly disruptive to production schedules, quality, and profitability. Lean manufacturing is not a new concept, but in these trying times, finding new efficiencies and eliminating any waste possible are necessary pursuits. Intertek Alchemy can help. We are excited to introduce a new premium library of 10 courses that will take you from 0 to 60 in your drive to start or improve lean manufacturing programs.

Our Lean Manufacturing library allows you to harness the power of your teams to increase efficiency and profitability by teaching them to effectively identify and eliminate waste. We produced this library through collaboration with a manufacturing subject matter expert who for several decades led the implementation of lean manufacturing in multiple organizations resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings. These are courses intended for lean team members, managers, and supervisors, and as such, are available for eLearning only.

screen shot of lean manufacturing training course

Lean manufacturing is not an easy subject to grasp and act on, so the library and courses have these features to best prepare, upskill, and motivate your manufacturing leadership team:

  • The courses in the library are numbered to reflect the optimal sequence in which to take them.
  • Each course is longer than a typical Intertek Alchemy course and includes real-world examples, exercises, and a call to begin using the problem-solving tools and concepts presented.
  • Each course has a section within the substantial, downloadable Resource Guide with templates, learning aids, and activities to reinforce the learning and help you put the methods into practice to create collaborative teams to identify and eliminate waste.
  • The library includes an optional final exam that allows learners to demonstrate knowledge gained and can be associated with a credential.

The Lean Manufacturing library includes these 10 courses and a qualifying exam. For a description of each course, please ask your account manager for the details.

  • Lean for Leaders: ABCs of Lean – UQMLEAN001
  • Lean for Leaders: Categories of Waste – UQMLEAN002
  • Lean for Leaders: Documenting Activities: Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagrams – UQMLEAN003
  • Lean for Leaders: Examining Data – Spreadsheets, Pareto Charts, Five Whys – UQMLEAN004
  • Lean for Leaders: Identifying Solutions – Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams – UQMLEAN005
  • Lean for Leaders: Identifying Solutions – Kaizen, PDCA – UQMLEAN006
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Kanban, Performance Management Boards – UQMLEAN007
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Line Balancing, Takt Time, Pull Systems, Changeovers – UQMLEAN008
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Workplace Organization – UQMLEAN009
  • Lean for Leaders: Verifying Solutions -Standardization, Audits – UQMLEAN010
  • The Alchemy of Lean Final Exam – UQMLEAN011E
cover and page view of resource guide for lean manufacturing

All the courses, including the exam, are available in three languages – English, Spanish, and Canadian French. The new library has its own category of the same name in the Alchemy catalog – Lean Manufacturing.

Intertek Alchemy’s new Lean Manufacturing library is a complete toolset to help you identify and eliminate waste, define and map processes, and increase efficiencies. Whether you were thinking about lean already, or it’s a new idea, let us join you on your lean journey and generate greater profitability to help your organization overcome the difficult start to this decade.

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