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Lean Manufacturing Courses for Frontline Workers are Here

By Product Management Team |

In the pursuit of the efficiency, profitability, and other benefits of lean manufacturing, missing until now were training courses for frontline workers. Alchemy has filled this gap and we are excited to provide you with five essential courses that complement the “Lean for Leaders” courses in your Alchemy Catalog.

Training Frontline Workers in Lean
Continuous improvement teams can’t do it all by themselves. Frontline workers have a unique position to spot waste – if they know what they’re looking for. And with data being a key part of any lean program, trusting your frontline workers with data integrity is easier if they better understand the purpose and value. These five new lean manufacturing courses provide the learning and empowerment to start or energize the lean efforts at your facility.

  • Lean: Introduction – UPM0103
  • Lean: Waste Types – UPM0104
  • Lean: Data Integrity – UPM0105
  • Lean: Identifying Solutions – UPM0106
  • 5S: Overview – UPM0107

Lean Manufacturing Leadership Courses
These new courses pair with the “Lean for Leaders” courses in the Lean Manufacturing Category. While the frontline worker courses are available for both group-based training and eLearning, these ten leadership courses are eLearning only and are intended for lean team members, managers, and supervisors. There’s even a final exam to validate knowledge gained.

  • Lean for Leaders: ABCs of Lean – UQMLEAN001
  • Lean for Leaders: Categories of Waste – UQMLEAN002
  • Lean for Leaders: Documenting Activities: Value Stream Mapping, Workflow Diagrams – UQMLEAN003
  • Lean for Leaders: Examining Data – Spreadsheets, Pareto Charts, Five Whys – UQMLEAN004
  • Lean for Leaders: Identifying Solutions – Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams – UQMLEAN005
  • Lean for Leaders: Identifying Solutions – Kaizen, PDCA – UQMLEAN006
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Kanban, Performance Management Boards – UQMLEAN007
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Line Balancing, Takt Time, Pull Systems, Changeovers – UQMLEAN008
  • Lean for Leaders: Implementing Solutions – Workplace Organization – UQMLEAN009
  • Lean for Leaders: Verifying Solutions -Standardization, Audits – UQMLEAN010
  • The Alchemy of Lean Final Exam – UQMLEAN011E

Each course has a section within the substantial, downloadable Resource Guide with templates, learning aids, and activities to reinforce the learning and help you put the methods into practice to create collaborative teams to identify and eliminate waste. All 15 courses, including the exam, are available in three languages – English, Spanish, and Canadian French.

Whether you have begun your lean efforts already, or it’s a new idea, let us join you on your lean journey and generate greater profitability to help your organization overcome the difficult start to this decade.

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