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7 Refresher Courses Added to Burmese & Somali Course Libraries

By Product Management Team |

The Intertek Alchemy Burmese and Somali Premium training course libraries have been updated to include 7 new refresher courses. These courses have been part of the standard Alchemy course libraries, but up to now have not been available in Burmese or Somali.

Clients with the Burmese and/or Somali Premium Libraries have immediate access to these additional courses and can start adding them to the learning plans for Burmese and Somali workers.


The 7 courses added to the Burmese and Somali libraries are:

  • Basic Facility Defense – REFRESHER (UDM53)
  • Hand Washing: Effective Techniques – REFRESHER (UDM50)
  • Food Allergens: Introduction – REFRESHER (UDM52)
  • HACCP: Overview – REFRESHER (UDM55)
  • Personal Hygiene: Basics – REFRESHER (UDM54)
  • Lift Truck Safety Awareness – REFRESHER (UDM63)
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures – REFRESHER (UDM59)


If you have questions, or if you’d like to add the Burmese or Somali Premium Libraries to your catalog, please contact your account manager.



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