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ABA’s Baking Basics Course Now Available in Alchemy Manager

By Product Management Team |

The American Bakers Association has guided the industry since 1897, so they know a thing or two about baking. Truth be told, the ABA has offered education on the artform of baking to commercial bakers for quite some time. Intertek Alchemy has many baking clients, and we were thrilled to collaborate with the ABA to bring their educational materials into the Alchemy Training System. We are also pleased to announce the first fruits of this effort with the Baking Basics 101 course and exam now being available as a premium course to add to your Alchemy catalog.

The Baking Basics 101 course covers the fundamentals of baking and is a perfect fit for any bakery orientation program. Many clients use our HR and workplace safety courses when onboarding new workers. By adding ABAs Baking Basics 101 to your Alchemy catalog, you can assign this course to a Learning Plan where tracking and reporting be a welcome convenience for this important education.

This new course in Alchemy is the same content you would access directly from the ABA, but we optimized it for the Alchemy platform. An added verification of knowledge gained comes from taking the standalone course exam which comes with the purchase of the course. Being as the ABA says, “For Bakers, by Bakers,” the course comprehensively covers industry-specific skills, the unique areas of responsibility in baking, and these important topics in a baking environment:

  • Workplace safety
  • Food safety & hygiene
  • Communication
  • Technical training (e.g., weight sheets, equipment safety)

Baking Basics 101 is an eLearning course available in English and Spanish, with a duration of about 60 minutes. A Resource Guide with a glossary of terms that helps new baking employees ramp up is available as a downloadable learning aid.

We are excited to join with the ABA in offering you this course to help your new baking artists hone their crafts. Talk with your Intertek Alchemy account manager about adding this classic ABA course and exam to your Alchemy catalog for an additional fee per learner.

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