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Announcing Creator 2 and Manager Updates!

By Alchemy Support |

Just when you thought the year couldn’t get any better, Alchemy releases Creator 2 and Manager 7.17 on October 5, 2015!

Creator 2


Creator 2 allows you to edit all Alchemy courseware with ease. Here’s how it works:

Automatic Software Update

The Creator program will be automatically updated —or— your IT department will push the update to your computer if you have company security requirements in place. 

❷  Course Import Process

After successfully completing the installation, your approved company designated representative will receive a package with a Creator Content USB drive and Creator 2 Import Tool Tip Sheet in the mail. When you receive this package, connect the Creator USB drive to your computer and begin the import process of Alchemy courses you wish to customize.

❸  Pick a Course and Revise

Kick back and enjoy your new flexibility. With Creator 2, you no longer need to speak to exceptions or add/subtract training materials to meet your company-specific training needs.

Enhancements included with Creator 2:

  • Access the translation tool, built right into Creator to easily translate Alchemy courses or existing Creator courses
  • Add company-specific or work site specific content to Alchemy courses
  • Leverage existing company media such as videos or pictures to personalize your training content
  • Attach or relate your own Creator course to an Alchemy course

Your Creator Content USB should arrive the first week of October. If you don’t receive one, just reach out to your corporate Alchemy program manager or Alchemy Account Manager.

To learn more about these enhancements, our training schedule, and to download additional materials visit .

Manager 7.17 

Now for a few new Manager features we think you’ll really like:

  • Parent Assignment Control – Any company-specific course you create can be a child course of an Alchemy built-in parent. In other words, you can now create a course to satisfy the requirements of an Alchemy course.
  • A New Look for eLearning (eLearning clients only) – This is the first step in Alchemy’s plan to improve the user experience in our products. With this update, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is no longer compatible; however, if you use IE8 you will still be able to access the site with the current look. Stay tuned for more improvements over the next year.
  • Non-Graded Questions for Tests – Non-graded questions now allow survey-like questions during a test. You can take a quick poll or measure engagement as part of the test. These questions do not count toward the passing grade, but do require Player 6 or Manager eLearning platforms.
  • Detailed Learning Plan Report – This report will now include Corporate Groups.
  • HR Payroll Import Frequency– To make it even more convenient to use current employee information from your payroll system, Manager will now process HR Payroll Import files every 15 minutes instead of once per day. This only affects customers who use this feature.

As always, we value your feedback and hope to hear from you as you begin to use these new features. 

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