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Ecolab Course Retirements & Replacements

By Product Management Team |

Intertek Alchemy continues to keep our course libraries aligned with relevant industry & regulatory standards. We are committed to providing you with appropriate training to address key job responsibilities within your operations. On December 28, 2020, we will retire the Ecolab pest sanitation, pest management, and chemical safety courses.


But not to worry! We’re excited to announce two new complimentary courses and four updated courses that will cover the same or similar Ecolab courses’ content at no cost to you. With these new and updated courses, your learners don’t have to miss a beat! 


These retirements will affect existing Learning plans. For more information, watch this instructional video on retired courses.


Below is a complete list of courses scheduled for retirement, so that you can begin planning how to update your Learning plans, playlists, procedures, and scheduled training.




Course Code(s)

Retired Course 

 Replace with:


Ecolab Chemical Safety 101: Introduction to Chemical Safety

New Course: UEM0210 Chemical Safety: Introduction


Ecolab Chemical Safety 102: Safety Data Sheets

Existing Course: UEM26 GHS: Safety Data Sheets 


Ecolab Chemical Safety 103: Chemical Labels 

Updated Course: UEM25 GHS: Labels 


Sanitation 101: Introduction to Cleaning and Sanitizing 

New Course: UDM0204 Sanitation Theory: Overview


Sanitation 102: Cleaning and Sanitizing Process

Updated Courses with New Titles: UDM11 Cleaning and Sanitizing: Wet Environments  & UDM11Y Cleaning and Sanitizing: Dry Environments 

UQMEL006  & UQMEL0007

Pest Elimination 101: Identifying Pests

Pest Elimination 102: Eliminating Pests 

Updated Courses with New Titles: UDM19 Pest Control: Effective Practices





Ecolab Course Retirements: Flow Chart 

*All grey filled courses will be retired.





Be sure to update your procedures with new course titles, and complete any training already scheduled using the Ecolab courses before December 28th. After this date, the Ecolab courses will no longer be available.


If you have any questions about how this affects your learning plans, please reach out to your Account Manager or Support for personal assistance.



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