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New Level 2 Food Safety Library for U.K. Endorsed by FDQ

By Product Management Team |

With all the attention paid to COVID-19, keeping our food supply safe remains a key factor in overall public health. Intertek Alchemy has worked actively to promote food safety for two decades, and in the U.K., has partnered with FDQ for the last 8 years. As 2022 begins, we are excited to introduce a new U.K. library of Level 2 Food Safety courses that will help suppliers, processors, and distributors better educate frontline workers to keep their workforces and the public safe.

Through our partnership with FDQ, the only regulated certification organization for food and drink in the U.K., we designed our courses around their newest standards for Level 2. We also took input from many U.K. customers to help them address challenges with their workforces today. The result is a library of 19 food safety courses endorsed by FDQ that will engage and educate workers on these important topics in a powerful, new way.

Level 2 Food Safety course image EC regulation

Intertek Alchemy’s adult-learning expertise and creative, interactive courses have long set us apart from the alternatives. This new U.K. library takes it to another level with storytelling and scenario-based knowledge-check questions that enhance learning and make it more fun for workers. The courses continue to use Great Britain English to be more relevant and accepted.

Listening to our customers, we made a few other significant changes:

  • Clients can now download courses into Alchemy Creator which allows them to add site-specific images, videos, and other content. This makes learning more engaging, relevant. and memorable.
  • The courses can easily be translated into more than 80 other languages in Creator. Workers with English as a second language will appreciate this and better understand lessons, both of which help with retention.
  • The courses have distinct sections which can stand alone or be modified by clients in Creator to create micro-learning to focus on teaching points that may need highlighting at a specific facility.

Here are the 19 courses in our new U.K. Food Safety Level 2 library:

  • Legal Responsibilities: Food Handlers – UDM0102
  • Legal Responsibilities: Business Operators – UDM0103
  • Legal Responsibilities Enforcement – UDM0104
  • Food Safety: Hazards – UDM0105
  • Food Safety: Cross-Contamination – UDM0106
  • Food Safety: Illness and Allergen Risks – UDM0107
  • HACCP: Overview – UDM0108
  • Food Safety: Product Protection – UDM0109
  • Personal Hygiene: Good Practices – UDM0110
  • Food Safety: Handling Practices – UDM0111
  • Food Safety: Temperature Controls – UDM0112
  • Thermometers: Basics – UDM0113
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: Wet Environments – UDM0114
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: Dry Environments – UDM0115
  • Food Safety: Sanitary Design – UDM0116
  • Pest Control: Effective Practices – UDM0117
  • Food Safety: Stock Control – UDM0118
  • Food Spoilage: Identification – UDM0119
  • Food Spoilage: Reporting – UDM0120

These courses are all included in the standard library in the U.K. in the “Food Safety – Level 2” category (please note the category name change) and are all available for group-based-training and eLearning. The single Level 2 library replaces the existing Level 1 and Level 2 course libraries.

Level 2 Food Safety Course image EC Regulation

For individuals who want to receive a record of completion, we now offer an exam that carries the FDQ endorsement through our Zosi learning platform. This exam is a separate charge (£10), but the process is fast and easy using our Zosi Learning eCommerce platform. You can access the exam on Zosi when it’s available in the coming weeks.

Intertek Alchemy will retire the existing Level 1 and Level 2 U.K. food safety libraries on April 19, 2022. It is important that clients using the existing courses in Learning Plans take action before this time to complete existing Learning Plans or to create new Learning Plans to replace the old courses with new ones. The Level 1 library will be discontinued, and new Level 2 courses will be appropriate substitutes.

Food safety around the world is a priority for Intertek Alchemy, and we are pleased to provide this new offering to help the industry throughout the United Kingdom.

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