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Food Safety Course Updates for Foodborne Illness, Dangerous Microorganisms, and More

By Product Management Team |

No one supports you better with food safety training than Intertek Alchemy. To keep up with regulatory changes and industry needs, we continue to update our content using modern-day adult learning best practices. We are happy to announce we updated another 6 courses that help you meet GFSI training requirements.

Industry shifts and standard changes have prompted us to change some course titles for this update. Five of the six courses have new, improved names and you will see both the old and new titles below.

Old TitleNew TitleCode
Preventing Foodborne IllnessFoodborne Illness: PreventionUDM3 
Dangerous Microorganisms in Food Manufacturing (Fahrenheit)Dangerous Microorganisms (Food Manufacturing)UDM4 
Foodborne Illness and Employee ReportingFoodborne Illness: IntroductionUDM10 
Bacteria BasicsDangerous Microorganisms: REFRESHER (Food Manufacturing)UDM22 
Employee Illness ReportingFoodborne Illness: REFRESHER – PreventionUDM23 
Contamination, Adulteration, and Tampering: IntroductionTitle is unchanged.UDM48

The updated courses address topics more clearly; for instance, UDM3 includes less content on the organisms that can cause foodborne illness and more information on actual prevention. The two REFRESHER courses follow our new naming convention for identifying shorter courses that you can best use for reviewing key topics. With all our updates, we are using storytelling and scenario-based questions to better engage your workers and improve learning.

All these courses continue to be available for both group-based training and eLearning so you can reach workers in multiple ways. To support your diverse workforce, we provide these courses in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. You will find all 6 of these courses and the language variants in the Food Safety category.

Course Retirements and Learning Plan Impacts

In streamlining and improving this round of food safety courses, we will be following this release with the retirement of the three courses listed below on Wednesday 8/31/22.

Retiring Title Code Replacement Course
Dangerous Microorganisms in Food Manufacturing (Metric) UDM4C UDM4 Dangerous Microorganisms (Food Manufacturing) 
Dangerous Microorganisms in Food Manufacturing (Lacto-Vegetarian Fahrenheit) UDM4L UDM4 Dangerous Microorganisms (Food Manufacturing) 
Bacteria Basics (Metric) UDM22C UDM22 Dangerous Microorganisms: REFRESHER (Food Manufacturing) 

These course retirements are at the “child level,” which means less work for you. Existing Learning Plans will be unaffected but make note that there will be new derivative courses available to satisfy the objectives as you assign Learning Plans to new workers.

Our goal is to help you be more successful in your training and engagement efforts. We invite you to send feedback on how we’re doing and any questions to


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