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New Course to Help You Strengthen Your Food Safety Culture

By Product Management Team |

Food safety culture is something most of our clients care about. Instilling such a culture and having it permeate throughout the frontline workforce is key to successful culture change. We’ve listened to clients speak of needing a training course to help, and our Content Expertise Board helped us identify the specific need. We are now pleased to introduce our “Food Safety Matters” course.

Screenshot of training course with white text on a blue-green background on the right side of the image. A photo on the left side shows 3 workers, standing, facing the camera and wearing white smocks, helmets, and eye protection. All are smiling and the middle one holds a digital tablet.

With plant employees, their work can seem routine and repetitive, which can breed complacency. Food Safety Matters emotionally and visually brings the message of why what frontline food industry workers do every day is so important; it literally saves lives. The course goes further by suggesting behaviors workers can adopt that would promote better food safety, such as:

  • Believing there’s no dumb questions and asking when you don’t know
  • Doing the right thing all the time – even when no one is watching
  • Reporting problems when you see them and following up to ensure they get needed attention

This course is appropriate for new and veteran workers in the food industry. Now that the FDA is working to define “food safety culture” and GFSI schemes are including auditing for food safety culture, it’s becoming a regulatory necessity. We encourage you to make this 7-minute course part of your program to build a strong food safety culture.

You will find the new course (code: UDM0207) in the Food Safety category and it’s available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.

Food Safety Matters is a fine example of how customers help drive the courses and products we develop. We encourage you to share your ideas and feedback with us at


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