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Transportation Library Now Supports Group Training

By Product Management Team |

Many of our clients with warehouse and distribution operations enjoy our Transportation premium library which comes with more than 150 eLearning courses for drivers to help keep them, their vehicles, and their cargo safe. Responding to client feedback, we’re happy to announce the availability of group training versions for 23 of these courses.

Screen shot of a training video for truck drivers. Shows an overhead view of a white 18-wheeler and several other cars on a 3-lane highway moving right to left. There are red areas projecting from all sides of the truck indicating blind spots.

About the New Course Versions
These new versions include high-quality video screen recordings of the existing eLearning courses. This means the content is identical, but the interspersed knowledge-check questions are not active. Learners will still see the questions with the correct answers pre-selected. We’ve added a single question at the end that asks if the learner understood the material, while also offering a review another time.

Now drivers can benefit from a classroom learning environment with facilitation and their peers. Here are the 23 new course versions you can download to Alchemy Player to use in group training or in Player’s Kiosk Mode:

  • Air Brakes – UGMPT006
  • Automobiles – Defensive Driving – UGMPT2002 *
  • Backing and Docking – Medium Duty Truck – UGMPT609
  • Backing and Docking Enhanced – UGMPT137 *
  • Cargo Securement – UGMPT041
  • Coupling Uncoupling – UGMPT010 *
  • Defensive Driving – Medium Duty Truck – UGMPT604 *
  • Defensive Driving Enhanced – UGMPT123 *
  • Driver Disqualifications – UGMPT038
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – What Drivers Need to Know – UGMPT079
  • Hours of Service – No Sleeper – UGMPT058
  • Lane Change and Intersections – UGMPT056 *
  • Log Books – UGMPT033
  • Night Driving – UGMPT061
  • Pre-Trip Inspections Enhanced – UGMPT124 *
  • Road Rage – UGMPT046
  • Seat Belts – UGMPT127
  • Space Management – Medium Duty Truck – UGMPT602
  • Space Management Enhanced – UGMPT142 *
  • Tanker Pre-Trip – UGMPT045
  • Winter Driving No Chains – UGMPT059
  • Winter Driving – UGMPT014
  • Yard Driving Skills – UGMPT704

Driven by the existing course content, eight of the courses above (marked with an *) also include Spanish subtitles.

Screenshot from video training course. Left  side has a black  rectangle containing a yellow question mark. Four lines with white question text is underneath it. Green and red squares are to the right with white text inside them as answer choices.

Related Course Title Adjustments
With most Alchemy courses being available for both group training and eLearning, these 23 versions adopt the titles of the prior versions, but with new course codes. Note that the existing eLearning-only courses keep their course codes and have a tag added to their titles, as in this example:

  • Former title: Fuel Management
  • New title: Fuel Management (eLearning only)

As you’re scanning the lengthy list of Transportation courses, this title distinction will make it easier to select the courses you want to put into a group training session. We’ve also adjusted the titles of the parent courses you select when setting up Learning Plans; we added this “eLearning only” tag in an identical fashion. The parent course titles for the 23 new versions used with Player or eLearning remained the same, as these parents include child courses that cover both delivery methods.

You will not need to modify any Learning Plans as these name changes will seamlessly pass through. And the best news of all is that the group training option provided by these new course versions comes at no additional licensing fee to clients with the premium library. If you don’t currently have this premium library, you can learn more about here.

We highly value client input to help us make what we make for you even better. Please send your ideas and feedback on courses and our software products to


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