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How to Create COVID-19 Tailored Learning Plans with Alchemy

By Product Management Team |

The training landscape in manufacturing is rapidly evolving due to COVID-19. It’s imperative to create learning plans to help support your frontline workers’ health & safety during this pandemic, and to minimize the impact to your operations. Intertek Alchemy is committed to providing our customers with as much help as possible to navigate the crisis and will continue to update courses to stay aligned with the latest information.


Intertek Alchemy is here to help with workforce training on topics such as personal hygiene, hand-washing, cleaning and sanitation, and more industry-specific resources.


Not sure how to set up a Learning Plan in Alchemy? Check out this short tutorial video.


Below is a list of courses that you can include in your COVID-19 learning plan. These courses can be delivered via eLearning or group-based training for maximum efficiency when social distancing norms can be met. These Alchemy courses are available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. And you can use Alchemy Creator to easily translate into 84 supported languages.



Code Title  Course Description


COVID-19: Overview

Trains employees on effective methods to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and prevent transmission to others.


UDM5 and UDM54

Promoting Personal Hygiene and Promoting Personal Hygiene – REFRESHER

Shows how to keep you and your clothes clean and free of microorganisms to avoid spreading germs throughout workplace.


UDM6 and UDM50

Effective Handwashing Techniques and Effective Handwashing Techniques – REFRESHER

Detailed instruction for the most effective handwashing methods, including how to avoid common shortcuts and mistakes.



Personal Hygiene (Distribution)

Shows how to keep you and your clothes clean and free of microorganisms to avoid spreading germs throughout workplace, tailored to distribution centers



CIP:  Introduction

Introduces the purpose of a CIP system, and some of the factors that influence the effectiveness of a CIP process.

UDM11 (if appropriate)

Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures for Food Manufacturers

Outlines basic cleaning process for a wet foods facility to combat microorganisms, including safe handling of chemicals. While not specific to COVID-19, can be incorporated as general best practices.


UDM11Y (if appropriate)

Cleaning and Sanitizing in a Dry Foods Facility

Outlines basic cleaning processes for a dry foods facility to combat microorganisms. While not specific to COVID-19, can be incorporated as general best practices.



Visitor Procedures

Overview of proper attire and procedures to maintain safety when non-employees enter a production area.





Social Skills Training

Nearly seven in 10 employees indicated in a survey by mental health provider Ginger that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire professional career. We understand that your employees are stressed, so below is a list of courses to help reinforce proper social skills and behavior in the facility:



Code Title Course Description


Diversity & Inclusion

Explains what diversity is, and why we must be tolerant of people’s differences and respond to others with a positive attitude.


Social Skills in the Workplace

Shows how to respond when a problem occurs at work by communicating the issue to your supervisor. It also talks about how to listen to and respond to constructive criticism and requests.



Introduces some common forms of bullying in the workplace, and what to do if employees are bullied at work.


Anger Management

Introduces a technique you can use to help calm down during a tense situation.


Appropriate Behavior in the Workplace

Offers tips for encouraging a positive and productive work environment.


Proper Workplace Conduct

Introduces some good habits that show appropriate workplace behavior and explores how good listening skills and interactions can contribute to a positive environment. It also covers some good practices for responding to constructive criticism and difficult situations.






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