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New Courses on Equity, Wellness, Bias, and More Expand HR Value

By Product Management Team |

In this time where companies are challenged like never before to hire and retain workers, the workplace culture and people on the team matter more than ever. We have taken guidance from our customers to produce these thought-provoking courses on issues we all encounter at work and in our personal lives, such as race, bias, and mental wellness.

These new Human Resources courses can help open a dialogue in your workplace. What about the unconscious bias we all bring to interactions with others? What, if anything, should I do about racism? What tools are there to protect our mental health so we can be our most productive selves? Is cleaning the breakroom really my job? The audience for such courses is…well, everyone; but we designed these courses especially for your frontline workers. And unlike our other courses, some of these provide direction and time for helpful group discussion.

Collage with many different people of various ethicities, on colored backgrounds

Here are the 5 new HR courses:

  • Overcoming Bias – UBM032
  • Race & Equity – UBM033
  • Mental Wellness – UBM034
  • Workplace Etiquette – UBM036
  • Office Etiquette – UBM037

These courses are all included in the standard library, and you will find them in the Human Resources category. All are provided in English, Spanish, and French Canadian and are available for group-based-training and eLearning.

We are committed to bringing more value to the HR side of your business and will introduce additional courses later this year. Stay tuned!

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