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Illustrated Scripts: New Location, New Improvements

By Product Management Team |

If you use Illustrated Scripts, heads up…they have moved! They are now within Alchemy Manager, which makes perfect sense, and provides quicker, easier access. You will now find the Illustrated Script in the properties of any Alchemy course listed in your Admin Course Library.

More good news, along with the move, they’ll be new and improved. For more on the updates, see below. But first, if you’re not using Illustrated Scripts yet….well why not?


Why Should I Care about Illustrated Scripts?

Fair question! Illustrated Scripts are helpful, storyboards (aka, outlines) that detail the content of each Alchemy course. Emphasis on detail. Here’s how they are handy:

  • Preview Alchemy course content before assigning them to employees. This helps ensure you make the most out of your team’s time off the floor.
  • Show auditors the exact content of training material. Next time an auditor questions course content, show them the proof of how incredible, and compliant, it is.
  • Conduct real-time translation on the job with a printout as a guide. Keep production lines moving while letting everyone, regardless of language, in on the conversation.

Illustrated Scripts Didn’t Just Move —They Got Better!

While creating quicker, easier access, we decided why not upgrade the Illustrated Scripts themselves:

  • Better user interface. Along with a spruced up design, the scripts are easier to read, which everyone will appreciate.
  • Mobile-friendly access. Because we know you’re not always tethered to your desk.
  • Better printouts that are easier to read. Done and done.

More details for easier management. You asked, you shall receive. Illustrated Scripts now include course duration, locale, and course code.

In Conclusion…

That was a lot of info, so here’s the Illustrated Scripts crib notes:

  • You should be using Illustrated Scripts — it will make your job easier!
  • Illustrated scripts have moved to Manager, from now until the end of time. Or at least until we notify you otherwise.
  • Questions? Contact Support.

You can also get a look under the hood with this helpful video on using Illustrated Scripts

Illustrated Script


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