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Infectious Disease and Employee Well-Being Courses Now in Standard Catalog

By Product Management Team |

There’s uncertainty about when this pandemic will end and even more around what the next one will look like. To assist you in preparing your workers and leaders for whatever may come, we have just released new courses and Alchemy Coach observations having to do with diseases, health and well-being, and crisis management. Formerly available as part of a premium library, we are pleased to now make them available to all our clients at no additional charge.

There are 9 courses total and 4 corresponding Coach observations. All courses are available in both English and Spanish and you will find them in your main catalog in the Categories shown below or by searching on the course name or number. Here are the employee well-being courses with the categories they are found in:

Group-Based Training and eLearning – Human Resources Category

  • How Diseases Spread (UHMPTK001)
  • Health Screening (UHMPTK002)
  • Physical and Mental Health and Well-being (UHMPTK003)
  • Preventing Illness at Work and Home (UHMPTK004)

eLearning only – Supervisor Development Category

  • Deep Cleaning Procedures for Leaders (UQMPTK100)
  • Infectious Disease Prevention: Best Practices for Leaders (UQMPTK101)
  • Infectious Disease Response: Best Practices for Leaders (UQMPTK102)
  • Infectious Disease Management Program for Leaders (UQMPTK103)
  • Crisis Management Skills for Leaders (UQMPTK104)

Coach observations will show up in the app under Assignments to a supervisor’s team member and can also be found via the Search under Assignments. These are available in English only. If you’re not a user of Alchemy Coach, it is a great tool many of our clients use to reinforce training and verify correct behaviors – talk to your Account Manager to learn more.

Coach Observations – Human Resources Category

  • Health Screening
  • How Diseases Spread
  • Physical and Mental Health and Well-being
  • Preventing Illness at Work and at Home

Though the current pandemic is far along, the landscape around COVID-19 outbreaks, protocols, and legislation still shifts regularly. These courses might help your facilities today, and they will be readily available for new employees and in new crises well into the future.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions at

Note: These employee well-being courses were previously released as the Premium Library “Protek for Manufacturing,” which required additional licensing. We are now making these courses part of every client’s standard course library automatically.


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