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Install Player 7 to Make Your Job Easier

By Product Management Team |

Good news! The new Player 7 is ready, and it’s our best and most advanced training platform to date! Player 7 includes several new features designed to make training better and more effective for your employees. Among the highlights, install Player 7 to:

  • Get new Workplace Safety and HR courses, plus updated courses for entire Workplace Safety and HR libraries
  • Create your own Course Categories
  • Download courses and Learning Plans to Player
  • Deliver full-screen, HD resolution videos (and no more Flash!)
  • Preview Alchemy courses within Alchemy Manager
  • Download future courseware updates without USBs 

There’s a lot more detail for these exciting changes. And, in keeping our libraries optimized and efficient, we’ve retired some courses. So please keep reading for the full story. And this overview video helps demonstrate some of the enhancements.

But remember: none of these features will be available without installing Player 7. So when you receive the Player 7 package with your USB installer, please work with IT to update your existing Player. The sooner Player 7 is installed, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits!


User Experience Enhancements

Updated User Interface

The more modern and straightforward interface design matches Player’s to Manager’s for a cohesive look & feel, and seamless user experience.


Better Course Visuals

Enjoy a crisper visual experience with HD display for video and images. Courses created in Creator will also appear in HD, for a more modern learning experience.








New Functionalities

Download Learning Plans as Playlists

Player 7 lets you create learning plans and assign them to specific worksites within Alchemy Mange for ease of use. You may also use learning plans like playlists to easily manage curriculum.


New Course & Activity Viewer

Enjoy wide screen optimization and HD video on both desktop and tablets, as well as easier to read subtitles. Faster lightning rounds enable more tougher competitions for more engagement and retention. And even better news? No Flash required.


Course Enhancements

Create Your Own Course Categories

Player 7 makes it simple to create categories to better manage and organize courses so they’re easier to find in both Player and Manager.


Downloadable Courseware

You no longer need a USB to get courseware — although you can still use them if needed. With Player 7 you can download existing and future Alchemy courses instantly for more convenience.


Preview Alchemy Courses

Now you don’t have to guess how your course will appear. With the new preview option, you can now view the course in Manager beforeassigning it out to your team. Access the preview function in Manager under “Course Library.”


Course Additions & Changes

Course Observation Updates

All SQF Observations now reflect SQF 8 requirements, and the titles have been shortened for a better viewing experience on tablets and smartphones.


New and Updated Workplace Safety Courses

The new Workplace Safety courses also include coordinated Communications in English and Spanish for reinforcing key concepts. And the entire Workplace Safety library has been updated as well, in Spanish, English, French and Burmese and Somali where applicable. The new updates make courses shorter, quicker and more engaging, and reflect current standards.


New Courses:

  • Arc Flash Awareness
  • Cold Stress
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Conveyor Safety
  • Hoists and Slings
  • Hot Work
  • Ladder Safety


New and Updated HR Courses

We’ve added two new HR courses, Bullying and Substance Abuse, which will help support awareness and mental health in your team. The entire HR library has also been updated to better aid in onboarding and cultivating a more inclusive workforce.


New “Mastering Alchemy” Help Course

In addition, we added a new Help course library, Mastering Alchemy, which covers the Alchemy platform basics to help you get the most from the platform and features. This series of short videos is followed by knowledge-check questions to onboard new Alchemy users, such as:

  • Alchemy Creator: Import and Translate
  • Alchemy Creator: Voice-over Options
  • Alchemy Manager: Content Builder Overview
  • Alchemy Manager: User Validation
  • Alchemy Platform: Anatomy of a Group-Based Course
  • Alchemy Platform: Out of the Box
  • Alchemy Platform: Overview
  • Alchemy Player: Activities Tab
  • Alchemy Player: Administrator Options
  • Alchemy Player: Enrollment Tab
  • Alchemy Player: Kiosk Mode
  • Alchemy Player: Main Tab
  • Alchemy Player: Play Tab
  • Alchemy Player: Remotes Management


New and Updated Animal Welfare Courses

In partnership with the NAMI Animal Welfare Committee, we’ve updated the Animal Welfare course library based on the most recent guidelines to keep you current, humane, and sanitary.


  • Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs — Captive Bolt
  • Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs — CO2
  • Humane Stunning Practices for Pigs — Electric


  • Unloading and Receiving Cattle at Processing Facilities
  • Proper Handling and Movement of Cattle
  • Proper Handling and Movement of Pigs
  • Humane Stunning Practices for Cattle
  • Unloading and Receiving Pigs at Processing Facilities


Course Title Changes

To make courses more descriptive and easier to find, we changed and modified a few titles. Here are the changes:

  • Appropriate Workplace Behavior is now titled Proper Workplace Conduct
  • Family and Medical Leave has been updated and renamed Canada Leave of  (Canada only)
  • Most course titles identify the topic first
  • Differentiations between full-length courses and refreshers


Course Content Changes

Updated with the latest regulatory changes, The Working at Height course was separated into two courses — Fall Protection and Ladder Safety. Both courses include real life examples and best practices for better safety. All changes will be automatically reflected in Learning Plans and Manager for your convenience.


Retired Courses

To keep libraries efficient and optimized, we retired some courses. Review your facility’s Learning Plans to make sure it still lines up with our current courses.

Retired Courses


That about does it for the Player 7 changes! As always, if you have any questions or need help installing Player 7, please contact Support.


Product Management Team 


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