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Leadership Journey Courses Upgrade Alchemy of Leadership Library

By Product Management Team |

The Alchemy of Leadership library is a popular one among clients. With the staffing challenges of recent years, it’s more important than ever to provide plant workers opportunities for advancement. To better help our clients groom their new leaders, we are expanding the learning on most of our leadership library topics, and we are excited to release the first 5 courses today.

We listened to all the client feedback we received about the importance of leadership training to define the vision and goals of this addition to our leadership library. Each of the new courses provides a complementary learning experience to an existing course which introduces the basic leadership concepts. These “Leadership Journey” courses are a next step in the learning process that allows the learner to put new knowledge into practice. Utilizing adult learning best practices, we introduce the learner to a situation and then present them with two scenario-based decision points where they must choose between three paths of action. Real-world consequences of each choice follow.

Image from a training course with a teal header and light gray background for remainder of slide. Two headshots in polaroid type images, at opposite angles overlap in the left half. Text with a red, waving, triangular flag are on the right.

Client reviewers sent in this feedback upon seeing this first phase of courses:

“This is a very well-designed course. I have worked with prospective leaders for over 35 years and this course would have been helpful in giving them a foundation to begin with in their leadership path.”

Michael Seale, Corporate Safety Manager JB Foods

“This is great especially for new leadership teams. The design looks good, simple, and easy to focus. Nice work Alchemy Team.”

Audra Shelton, Training Administrator and Developer, Ajinomoto Foods

Through much of 2024, we are planning to roll out three more phases with five courses in each. This first addition to the Alchemy of Leadership library includes these courses:

  • Leadership Journey: Communication Basics – UQMLDJ002
  • Leadership Journey: Providing Constructive Feedback – UQMLDJ003
  • Leadership Journey: Active Listening – UQMLDJ004
  • Leadership Journey: Receiving Feedback – UQMLDJ005
  • Leadership Journey: Behaving Like a Leader – UQMLDJ007
3 side-by-side and overlapping portrait images. Left image shows the upper torso and head of a worker in orange hard had and vest with safety googles. He's holding a metal part in his hands and looking at it curiously. The next two images has this worker standing to the right of his bearded supervisor - dressed the same way  but with a blue hard hat. The worker points to the equipment in the third image  which shows a red lift with a large, gray hook.

Given the interactive aspect of the Journey courses and the personal nature of leadership growth, these courses are eLearning only. To serve a broad population of workers, they are available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French. If you don’t see the courses in your Alchemy Catalog, please contact your account manager.

2024 Updates
We aim to release the remaining 15 courses in the library in three phases in 2024. As we do, we’ll update the list below, so you know every course available:

  • Leadership Journey: Difficult Conversations – UQMLDJ006 (released: 4/11/24)
  • Leadership Journey: Building Trust – UQMLDJ008 (released: 4/11/24)
  • Leadership Journey: Engaging Employees – UQMLDJ009 (released: 4/11/24)
  • Leadership Journey: Conducting an Interview – UQMLDJ012 (released: 4/11/24)
  • Leadership Journey: Dealing with Challenging Behaviors – UQMLDJ017 (released: 4/11/24)

Client input is a key factor in our product planning – we want to hear from you! Please send your ideas and feedback to


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