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Manager Updates: User Lists, User Validation Enhancements for Easier Onboarding and Admin

By Product Management Team |

Your onboarding process will now be easier, thanks to major enhancements within Alchemy Manager. And the good news gets better, your ongoing administration will be easier too.

You will automatically get these enhancements in Manager – which will help you:

  • Efficiently train new hires starting on day one
  • Spend less time cleaning up temporary user accounts
  • View and manage your users more easily
  • More quickly search and find specific user learning activity records

All the details are below. Also click the image to see the tutorial video to quickly learn how to wield these new superpowers.


User Validation

Does this scenario sound familiar: It can take a week for a new hire to show up in your company’s HR system, but you need to start training them in Alchemy on day one! So you create a temporary account and start your training. Later, after your HRIS syncs the permanent account in Manager, you have to use Manager’s User Validation to merge the two.  

It works, but our customers have asked if there was any way we could make the process more efficient. You asked, we listened. Here’s what changed:

Multi-User Validation

 What this is: Two words, “bulk actions.” You can now select multiple users to approve all at once in one swift click, or delete in bulk when the records aren’t needed. The process for merging similar users has also been improved.

Why you’ll love this: These bulk actions will drastically speed up your process. Not to mention, it will be faster and easier for new admins to learn these processes in Manager.

Search by Worksite when Validating Users

What this is: You now have the ability to search or sort users by Worksite, or search by User ID.

Why you’ll love this: You’ll save time by quickly honing-in on the users you manage.

User List Download 

What this is: Admins can now download a list of all or some of their users to CSV directly from the User Listing page. 

Why you’ll love this: This will save you a lot of time when you need to reconcile users in Manager with users in other systems, import Manager users into other systems, or archive old users.  

User Transcripts Search and New Columns

What this is: We’ve added search functionality to the User Transcripts page, and we’ve added columns for Language and Facilitator.

Why you’ll love this: The search feature will make your life so much easier when you need to quickly find specific training records and learning activities. And the two new columns help you clearly see all the important data you need in one place. Big thumbs up for this one!  


More Features are on the Horizon

These latest enhancements are just a few improvements we’ve recently made in Manager, and we have many more in progress over the coming weeks, months, and quarters.  

As always, we value your feedback as it helps us shape your Alchemy system to your needs. So please let us know if these updates are helpful, and what you’d like to see in the future at

And of course, if you have any questions or needs help, please contact


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