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Master the Alchemy Platform with 37 New eLearning Courses

By Product Management Team |

As turnover, transfers, and reorganizations occur within your training and admin staff, it can be challenging to ensure all hands-on Alchemy users at your facility are fully capable of operating the Intertek Alchemy platform. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of 37 new eLearning courses on March 31st, 2021, to help set your admins and training team up for success on the Alchemy platform.


We developed these courses to help our clients teach and qualify their hands-on users on Alchemy’s training platform’s different components. Our team has also included an exam for each component to verify learners’ comprehension.


This new eLearning library is now part of the “Alchemy Resources” category of your course catalog. The new courses are chock-full of information contained in the Alchemy Help Center, covering:


  • How to use the Alchemy platform to facilitate training,

  • Best practices for using eLearning to complete training courses in Manager,

  • How to set up a room to conduct a group training session,

  • Various ways to customize training content in Alchemy,

  • Much more!


IMPORTANT:  As part of this process, we will retire 14 existing group-based courses within the Alchemy Resources category on April 28th, 2021. But not to worry! These courses will be retired after the new eLearning courses are released to ensure you have time to finish existing learning plans that contain these courses and create new learning plans using the new eLearning courses. 


Below are some learning plan examples that you may want to set up to train and qualify your Intertek Alchemy admins:


Platform Overview
Learning Plan
Learning Plan
Communications Learning Plan Creator
Learning Plan
Alchemy Platform: Setting Up Alchemy Out of the Box Alchemy Coach: Overview Alchemy Communications: Overview Alchemy Creator: Customizing an Alchemy Course
Alchemy Platform: Overview Alchemy Coach: Facilitating a Single-User Observation   Alchemy Creator: Building a Course from Scratch
Alchemy Platform: Content Customization Options Mastering Alchemy –  Exam Master – Coach   Alchemy Creator: Making Creator Content Look Like an Alchemy Course
Alchemy Platform: Preparing for Your Alchemy Training Day     Alchemy Creator: Translating a Course
Mastering Alchemy – Exam Master – Platform     Alchemy Creator: Publishing Content in Player and eLearning
      Mastering Alchemy – Exam Master – Creator



Learning Plan
Learning Plan
Learning Plan
Alchemy Manager: Using eLearning  Alchemy Player: Setting Up Your Training Space Alchemy Playbook: Overview
Alchemy Manager: Managing the User Listing Alchemy Player: Using Player to Facilitate Training  
Alchemy Manager: Creating Groups Alchemy Player: Using Captions in Player Videos  
Alchemy Manager: User Validation Alchemy Player: Managing Mid-Session Changes  
Alchemy Platform: Content Customization Options Alchemy Player: Setting Up Kiosk Mode  
Alchemy Manager: Tracking Outside Training with ILT Courses Mastering Alchemy –  Exam Master – Player  
Alchemy Manager: Building a Coach Observation    
Alchemy Manager: Validating Content with Tests and Evaluations    
Alchemy Manager: Organizing Courses with Custom Categories    
Alchemy Manager: Identifying Learning Plans that Work for You    
Alchemy Manager: Creating Fixed Date Learning Plans    
Alchemy Manager: Creating Relative Date Learning Plans    
Alchemy Manager: Creating Relative Repeating Learning Plans    
Alchemy Manager: Retiring and Editing Learning Plans    
Alchemy Manager: Using Learning Plans to Centralize Playlists    
Alchemy Manager Reporting Options    
Alchemy Manager: Creating and Managing Scheduled Reports    
Alchemy Manager: Identifying Reports that Work for You    
Alchemy Manager: Coach Reports    
Alchemy Manager: Learning Plan Reports    
Mastering Alchemy – Exam Master – Manager    



Below is a complete list of courses scheduled for retirement, so can begin planning how to update your Learning plans, playlists, procedures, and scheduled training:

  • UXM1003 Alchemy Creator: Import and Translate

  • UXM1007 Alchemy Creator: Voice-Over Options

  • UXM1006 Alchemy Manager: Content Builder Overview

  • UXM1010 Alchemy Manager: User Validation

  • UXM1005 Alchemy Platform: Anatomy of a Group Based Course

  • UXM1002 Alchemy Platform: Out of the Box

  • UXM1001 Alchemy Platform: Overview

  • UXM1001 Alchemy Player: Activities Tab

  • UXM1008 Alchemy Player: Administrator Options

  • UXM1012 Alchemy Player: Enrollment Tab

  • UXM1009 Alchemy Player: Kiosk Mode

  • UXM1013 Alchemy Player: Main Tab

  • UXM1014 Alchemy Player: Play Tab

  • UXM1004 Alchemy Player: Remotes Management


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager or Support for personal assistance.




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