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New Group-Based Training Course for California Workplace Harassment

By Product Management Team |

Several states have laws that require workplace harassment training for employees and/or managers. Intertek Alchemy offers state-compliant training courses as a premium course for all five of these states. We have many clients using our courses in California who have requested that the employee course be made available for group-based training (GBT). We’re excited to announce that we have met this request and that the course is now in your Alchemy library.

There are both English and Spanish Alchemy Creator versions of the “California: Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees” course that meet the mandated 1-hour duration, and that can be used with Alchemy Player to efficiently train groups of employees at the same time. The 2-hour harassment course designed for managers continues to only be offered as eLearning

Course slide view with Player remote

Intertek Alchemy partners with Diversys Learning, Inc. to produce these workplace harassment courses. While Diversys brings established expertise to the courses, the relationship does change some aspects of our normal delivery. We provide these points to help you understand the unique nature of these new employee GBT courses.

  • The Spanish and English Creator courses are not identical copies of the eLearning course or of each other, but both meet California content requirements.
  • The questions throughout the course are not graded and these answers are not retained in the transcript.
  • The questions at the end of the course are graded and have remediations – these answers are retained in the learner’s transcript.
  • The Creator courses are designed to follow the eLearning course currently available. However, some presentation changes were made to accommodate Creator requirements.
  • California has additional requirements related to company specific information that you will need to provide to learners to meet the legal requirements for harassment training (as with the eLearning courses).
  • Modifying the Creator course in any way may cause the content to fall outside the California state statute requirements. We recommend customers create a new separate Creator course if they want to add content.
  • Intertek Alchemy recommends a passing rate of 100% for this Creator course.
  • If you choose not to renew this premium library, the courses will be archived at the end of the license period. Existing training records will remain, but the content will no longer be available for use.

Workplace harassment is a serious issue, and we’re proud to support you in preventing it within your organization. We also supply harassment courses for Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, and New York in eLearning only. If you don’t have Intertek Alchemy’s premium workplace harassment courses, please talk with your account manager for pricing and more information.

As demonstrated with this release, we listen to your feedback, questions, and ideas on Alchemy products and courseware. Please send your input to


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