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New & Updated Courses to Align with OSHA, FDA, and CDC Infectious Disease Guidelines

By Product Management Team |

OSHA, FDA, and CDC have recommended all worksites appoint a qualified workplace coordinator to develop and manage crisis management and business continuity programs. The objective is to be prepared for emergencies such as COVID-19 when they arise.


To assist you in these efforts, Intertek Alchemy has developed a new course, Emergency Preparedness: Infectious Disease Plan Development. This course, will provide clarity on how to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a qualified workplace coordinator,
  • Develop and implement a robust Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan,
  • Assess, measure, and maintain the program to ensure success.


Additional course details are below:

  • Available immediately at no additional charge
  • Is included in the Supervisor category of your course catalog
  • eLearning only, available in English and Spanish
  • 75-minute estimated duration, learner can start and resume where they left off
  • Code and title: UQMEPID001 – Emergency Preparedness: Infectious Disease Plan Development


Updates to COVID and Face Masks Courses

We’re also excited to announce that we have updated our COVID-19: Overview (UBM030) and Face Masks (UBM031) courses to reflect the CDC’s updated guidelines in multiple languages. And we’re including information on the importance of vaccinations.


We are committed to providing the training content you need to keep your employees safe during the pandemic.


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


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