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New Course Helps Prevent the Spread of Monkeypox

By Product Management Team |

It’s unfortunate that just as we’ve made progress in the fight against COVID-19, the monkeypox virus has crept in. While not as contagious as COVID, it can keep a worker at home longer when it strikes. We care about the safety of your workers and about your plant productivity, so we’ve developed a Monkeypox: Overview course that will help keep your workers healthy and on the job.

Because the news coverage of monkeypox has not been as widespread as with COVID, many people don’t know the basics of the virus. Our new course introduces the symptoms and incubation period of monkeypox, teaches workers the steps to take if they experience symptoms, and helps them get on board with any precautions your organization may implement.

View of hands with monkeypox symptoms

Monkeypox: Overview (UBM048) is available for group-based training so you can get this important message to many workers quickly. We produced it in English, Spanish, and French to make it easier to understand for your ESL workers, and you’ll find all three versions of the course in the Human Resources category.

We encourage you to put this new resource to use in your training plans. As the COVID-19 pandemic made clear, it may take awareness and behavior change by many to stop the spread. We will all benefit from taking proactive steps to ensure that monkeypox remains at a low infection level.

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