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New Courses Address Worker Well-Being

By Product Management Team |

With today’s staffing challenges, improving employee retention is essential. Paying attention to the whole person is one way you can make a difference, and this is why we’re excited to introduce six new courses to assist you in your efforts.

screenshot of course showing patient being checked by doctor.

New Courses Help Workers with Life Issues
These courses deal with issues your workforce has to navigate daily, impacting their stress and performance levels. While applicable to all employees, the courses are especially important for younger workers entering the workforce for the first time, as well as immigrant populations new to the U.S. labor market. By providing your workers resources on health, finances, and housing, you’ll be helping them develop valuable life skills and, in turn, gaining a more engaged and productive workforce. 

These are the courses you have starting today:

  • Physical Wellness – UBM035
  • Goals and Time Management – UBM038
  • Financial Literacy: Money Management – UBM039
  • Financial Literacy: Credit and Debt – UBM040
  • Housing: Basics – UBM041
  • Transportation: Basics – UBM042
Screen shot showing stack of credit cards for finances training.

You’ll be able to use these courses with group training and eLearning, and they’re available in English, Spanish, and French (Canadian). With Alchemy Creator, you can easily translate this helpful content into additional foreign languages as needed.

Retiring Courses and Learning Plan Impacts
Currently, you have seven courses in the Life Skills category that today’s course release will make obsolete. While covering some of the same topics, the new courses include necessary updates and are greatly improved with storytelling and scenario-based questions. We’ll be retiring the following courses and removing their category on July 26, 2023:

  • Living on a Budget – UCM11
  • Problems with Credit – UCM12
  • Making the Most of Your Money – UCM13
  • Transportation – UCM4
  • Housing – UCM5
  • Nutrition and Physical Fitness – UCM6
  • Avoiding Destructive Behavior – UCM7

If you use any of these courses in Learning Plans, make sure you take action to have workers complete the Learning Plans before this date or replace them entirely. We’ll email a reminder about this retirement as the date gets closer.

We are grateful to our clients who encouraged us to produce these courses, and we want to hear from you! What courses will help your company, and how can we best support you with our training software solutions? Write us at


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