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New Courses Addressing Quality for Identity Preserved Foods

By Product Management Team |

Identity preserved foods are products that make a claim to their distinct status, requiring sufficient evidence available to support the claim. Common identity preserved foods include organic, kosher, and gluten-free.

Quality is an important element for any food, but for identity preserved foods, there are additional standards to maintain. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce four new courses that provide insight into the unique requirements of organic, gluten free, halal, and kosher manufacturing.

screenshot from training course on gluten free manufacturing

These courses further expand the Quality Category which we introduced earlier this year. Identity preserved foods are attractive food segments because they are growing faster than the overall industry. But with this goodness comes a greater responsibility. There’s little room for error when consumers are depending on products to meet the needs of their health, medical conditions, or religious practices.

As with our other quality courses, these are not just for quality technicians. They offer awareness training for all frontline workers on products which have special parameters that need to be followed during manufacturing. The courses use storytelling to illustrate not just what to do, but why it is important. For instance, why can’t some people eat gluten? And what is the meaning behind the Halal label?

These are the four new quality courses available:

  • Organic Manufacturing: Introduction – UAMQUA007
  • Gluten Free Manufacturing: Introduction – UAMQUA003
  • Halal Manufacturing: Introduction – UAMQUA004
  • Kosher Manufacturing: Introduction – UAMQUA005

These courses are available in the standard catalog to all clients for both group-based training and eLearning. We are providing English, Spanish, and Canadian French versions to help you reach more workers in their preferred language.

We are grateful to the clients who brought forward the idea for this content and provided valuable feedback during the course development process. If you have any feedback or questions on Intertek Alchemy products, please send them to


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