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New: Premium Library for Infectious Disease Prevention and Crisis Management

By Product Management Team |

The onset of COVID-19 taught us that in order to keep workers safe and operations running, everyone must know how to respond to a crisis. With our new Protek for Manufacturing Premium Library, you can confidently prepare your workforce to be ready, from frontline workers to supervisors and managers.


The standard Alchemy courseware libraries already include many courses that can be used in your efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. However, the material in this add-on Protek for Manufacturing premium library goes beyond the high-level needs to keep your workers safe: it includes training content for concepts such as crisis management, leadership soft skills, and preparing an Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan.


Courses include:

Frontline Worker Training

These courses can be delivered via group-based training using Alchemy PlayerTM or individual eLearning.

  • How Diseases Spread

  • Public Health Screening

  • Physical and Mental Health and Well-being

  • Preventing Illness at Work and at Home


Supervisor/Manager Training

These advanced, in-depth courses are longer. They are eLearning only, allowing staff to stop and re-start as needed.

  • Deep Cleaning Procedures

  • Infectious Disease Prevention: Best Practices

  • Infectious Disease Response: Best Practices

  • Infectious Disease Management Programs

  • Crisis Leadership Skills for Supervisors





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