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New Reporting Features and Email Alerts in Alchemy Manager

By Product Management Team |

Intertek Alchemy strives to improve training for workers and to make the process easier for training administrators. Enhanced reporting capabilities and timely email notifications for learners are new features in Alchemy Manager to help training administrators meet their KPIs.


Drill-Down Reporting from Charts

The charts on your home page within Alchemy Manager have new drill-down reporting that allows you to see the detailed data behind a chart. These charts provide an “at-a-glance” view of some key metrics to which managers should pay attention, and you can customize this page by adding, removing, changing, or rearranging charts.

For example, with a quick glance in your dashboard you can see the percentage of workers who have not completed their assigned training. Now, with the new drill-down feature, in one click you can see precisely who those workers are – all from your Manager home dashboard. See the example below.

This drill-down capability is easy to access and use.

  1. Move your mouse cursor over any element of a chart graphic and a hover box will appear.
  2. Click on the blue grid icon to open a filtered report that shows the detail behind that one segment of the chart.


If you already spend time with these charts, you will enjoy this quick and easy path to inspect the data details behind them. Go ahead and give it a try soon! 


Learning Plan Subscription Status Report

The Learning Plan Subscription Status Report is the latest Smart Report available to help you monitor and assess training records, Learning Plans, and qualifications. This summary report gives a 10,000-foot view of Learning Plans and completion statuses for all your employees.

With only one row for each subscription (typically, one per worker), this report makes it much easier to identify workers who have fallen behind or are not on pace for their target dates for their Learning Plans. This versatile report is great to use for a variety of chart types and will help you identify where your attention may be needed to help your employees succeed.


Training-Assigned Email Alerts

Complementing the existing email alerts is a new option for learners to sign up to be notified when a new Learning Plan is assigned to them. This email encourages workers to begin the training and provides them early notice of the due date. It also has a convenient link for them to take action to get started.

Your feedback is an essential part of our product development, and we hope to hear from you as you use the new features. Please contact us any time at And if you have any questions, our Support team is standing by to assist at



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