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New Training Course Supports OSHA COVID-19 ETS Communications

By Product Management Team |

With the COVID-19 death toll in the U.S. rising to over ¾ of a million, OSHA issued another Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) in early November. Designed to help protect workforces, the ETS requires COVID vaccinations or weekly negative tests of all workers for most companies with more than 100 employees. To support your worker safety and OSHA compliance efforts, we quickly produced a short video to help you communicate this OSHA ETS to your workforce.

Two workers with COIVD protection meeting with tablets in warehouse

This new course – COVID-19: Emergency Temporary Standard (UEM0211) – is available today and can be found in the Workplace Safety category of your Alchemy Catalog. The course covers what the employer is required to do and the role of the employees at a high level. It is a short course with no remediation and no game show. A closing slide prompts the facilitator to discuss company-specific information and procedures with a simple acknowledgement question at the end. The course is available in both English and Spanish.

As with our COVID training resources, this course is standard and no extra charge for all Alchemy clients. It can be customized to feature your facility and people in Alchemy Creator. With Alchemy Manager, you will have an easy audit record of who’s taken the course to complement your vaccination/test tracking records.

There’s less than 2 months to prepare, reduced further by the holidays, and we know it’s important to get all sites and all shifts the same message. We designed this course to be helpful as you modify your operations in response to the OSHA ETS.

We hope you and your workers stay safe from this continuing pandemic.

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