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Now Available: 2 New PRO-TREAD Courses

By Product Management Team |

*These courses are only available to PRO-TREAD clients.


Did you know that Hours of Service violations are the top out-of-service violation category for truck drivers?

Intertek Alchemy is committed to providing the most current job-specific training solutions to help your drivers. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new course that addresses the new 2020 Hours of Service changes that went live on September 29th.


The “Hours of Service Updated Provisions – 2020” course has been added to our PRO-TREAD library and deals with the updated driver-specific rules, including:


  • New Changes to the Short-haul exception maximum allowable workday
  • Extension of duty day when adverse driving conditions are encountered
  • 30-minute break requirement can be satisfied by an on-duty, non driving break
  • How drivers can split the 10-hour off-duty period in different ways 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s Large Truck Crash Causation Study, roughly 13% of commercial truck drivers were fatigued at the time of a crash. Fatigue can stem from lack of sleep, long work hours, physical or mental exertion that impairs performance, or strenuous activities. 

We are also including an additional course on driver fatigue, titled “IBT – Fatigue Management,”  into our PRO-TREAD library that covers:

  • Signs and symptoms of fatigue
  • Impact of fatigue on driver safety
  • Best practices for managing fatigue


They are available now in your eLearning Course Catalog under the Transportation | Alchemy category. As a reminder, PRO-TREAD courses are not available for Player training. If you have any trouble locating them, please contact Support.


The Alchemy learning platform provides the flexibility to deliver this training in your facility, or remotely – with all records centrally stored in Alchemy Manager. This helps drivers fit safety training into their busy schedules, and they pack a lot of information into a short block of time. Like all Alchemy courses, these can be added to Learning Plans to ensure your employees are properly trained to perform their duties safely, accurately and efficiently.  


Have a distribution element to your business, but not familiar with the PRO-TREAD library? Watch this 90-second video to see how your peers are saving countless hours and driving down insurance costs.




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