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New: “Reasonable Suspicion” Training for Driver Supervisors

By Product Management Team |

Intertek Alchemy remains committed to providing job-specific training solutions to help your remote truck drivers and transportation managers improve fleet safety, CSA scores, and boost engagement. Many of you have been requesting more information around supervisor training, and we’re excited to announce that it’s ready!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) requires that all supervisors of CDL-carrying drivers be trained on how to recognize alcohol and drug usage in their supervised employees. In addition, the training records for any supervisors that complete the training for alcohol and drug recognition must be kept easily accessible in the case of any requests by the FMCSA. 

What You Can Expect

Our new premium library, “PRO-TREAD Supervisor,” is delivered via eLearning and ensures that your transportation managers meet the Reasonable Suspicion requirements from the DOT. Your supervisors will learn how to:

  • Recognize the signs of alcohol use in their supervised employees
  • Identify speech, behavioral, and physical indicators of illicit drug usage
  • Report drivers’ alcohol or drug use under the Reasonable Suspicion Clause


This new premium library consists of two supervisor level courses and each course is one hour in length to comply with the  FMCSA regulatory time requirements for this training. The course titles for the premium library are listed below.


The Alchemy eLearning platform provides the flexibility to deliver this training in your facility, or remotely – with all records centrally stored in Alchemy Manager. This helps your drivers and transportation managers to fit safety training into their busy schedules, and they pack a lot of information into a short block of time. As a reminder, PRO-TREAD courses are not available for Player training.


How to Access

Contact your Account Manager to learn how you can add the new PRO-TREAD Supervisor courses to your library and ensure compliance. We’d love to hear your feedback! 


Courses included in the new PRO-TREAD Supervisor premium library:

  • Reasonable Suspicion – Drugs
  • Reasonable Suspicion – Alcohol


Note: If you already have Alchemy’s 149 course PRO-TREAD Premium library, these two courses are not automatically added to your existing library. These federally mandated training courses are a separate library.


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