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Learning about the Alchemy Training System – Your Many Options

By Intertek Alchemy |

The Alchemy Training System for managing employee training and performance continuously evolves. While we provide initial training as part of the setup process to equip organizations with basic skills to launch their training programs and start using the applications, it’s often not long before a worker needs more training. To address this need, we have added to your training options in the last year and summarize all the options available to you here.

We recognize that our startup client training often walks out the door with employee turnover on the training team or among floor leaders and supervisors. There is much to learn for a “new to Alchemy” user to become an Alchemy champion, including things like:

  • Assigning and tracking training via Learning Plans
  • Creating company-specific courses
  • Running actionable reports
  • Understanding Alchemy Coach or Alchemy Playbook add-ons

Even experienced supervisors may need a “refresher” on Alchemy Player or Alchemy Manager basics or to learn about the latest functionality we enabled.

The range of learning options available to your team is as follows:

  • Alchemy Help
  • Alchemy Resources courses
  • New: Alchemy Learning Unplugged
  • Client Training Seminar
  • Custom online or onsite training session (added cost)

Alchemy Help

If you’re looking for an immediate answer to your question when you are trying to do something specific within the components, Alchemy Help is the best option – it’s available 24x7x365. Alchemy Help consists of a collection of articles and video tutorials with instructions and visuals explaining product features and how to use them. This easy access enables you to quickly find a resource to learn about features or answer your own questions. It is also conveniently located on our website in our Client Corner.

screenshot of Alchemy Help webpage

Alchemy Resources

Alchemy Resources is a collection of short courses that reside in Alchemy Manager. This content provides a way to upskill new Alchemy administrators and verify they understand concepts and functionality, as well as to track completion of learning. You can create and assign a Learning Plan utilizing these courses which new admins may take via eLearning at their own pace. There’s even a final exam for each component of the Alchemy Training System to assess comprehension and recognize the learner’s achievements. We recommend the final exams be assigned upon completion of each of the corresponding modules or as part of a Learning Plan. Click here to see the catalog of Alchemy Resource competencies and course lengths.

Screen shot showing Alchemy Manager software course selection page

New: Alchemy Learning Unplugged Series

In April, we launched “Intertek Alchemy Learning Unplugged” – a live monthly series of virtual sessions with our Learning Consultants to discuss various topics related to the configuration and use of the Alchemy platform and apps. Topics include basic and advanced functionality of the applications Player, Creator, Manager, Coach, and Playbook, and special topics to dive deeper into powerful options to manage curriculum, create custom courses, build employee observations, and more.

These events are more conversational, and they represent a fantastic opportunity for our clients to interact with our instructors and get all their questions answered. We have two sessions each with a unique topic or language during the second week of every month. Click here to register and see the full list of scheduled sessions. Join us for a session soon!

Virtual Client Training Seminar

The most extensive training option we offer is our Training Seminar which we produce about every 6 months. Over the course of three days, we spend a few hours each on various products and typically offer a beginner and advanced session for Alchemy Manager.

These in-depth sessions are presented by our account managers who work closely with our clients on a day-to-day basis. The instuctor has a curriculum to work through, but as with Alchemy Unplugged, there is plenty of time to handle questions from many people and this guides a good portion of the learning as a result.

Screenshot from Client Training Seminar

We are working on offering our next Virtual Client Training Seminar in the fourth quarter of 2022. If you can’t make all the days, we will send you on-demand recordings if you register. Keep an eye on our website or watch for an email announcing the next such Seminar in the fall. Registration is open for the November 1-3 seminar.

Custom Online or Onsite Training

This option is a private session for you and your team, and we often tailor the agenda to your organization’s specific needs. There is opportunity for hands-on practice, guided by the instructor, and plenty of time to get your questions answered. This training comes at a cost, and you can choose to have it online or onsite. For pricing, please speak with your account manager.

Of course, our Support team and your account managers are available on weekdays to help you with any questions. These options above are when you want to learn on your own or go deeper. We are happy to provide them all so the Alchemy Training System better helps you have a bigger impact on training and engaging your workforce.


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