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Playbook Advances to Support eLearning and Instructor-Led Training

By Product Management Team |

With the number of Playbook clients growing quickly, that brings us even more user feedback to fuel our product development. This quarter we are excited to introduce several new features, including two highly requested ones.

Playbook Courses in eLearning

Playbook gives you the power in your hands, with a phone or tablet, to record on-the-job training (OJT) videos, turn them into a training material, and track the workers’ progress toward becoming qualified. While it’s convenient to view the training next to the equipment you’re learning about, sometimes you want to view it on a larger screen in a quieter, more private space. The latest release makes any Playbook course accessible in eLearning, without any extra steps!

Now all Playbook courses can be accessed within the eLearning section of Alchemy Manager. They will be automatically listed in the “Course catalog” section. And, if assigned to the learner who is logged in, they will also be listed in their “My courses” section.

Instructor-Led Training Qualifications in Playbook

Playbook is designed to show a manager who is qualified to do certain jobs in the facility. Sometimes, instructor-led training (ILT) is an important part of the training program for those qualifications. Now Playbook can track ILT requirements in your qualifications alongside your other training activities. With this change, you can have greater confidence you are assigning a competent and trained individual to fill a gap in the line.

Clear Communication on Courses that Need to Be Retaken

Previously, workers progressing towards a job qualification would see the blue “Play” icon next to a course they had not attempted, or that they had attempted and failed. These are two different scenarios requiring different approaches. Workers will now see an orange “Try again” icon next to a course they did not pass in the previous attempt. This improved iconography will cause less confusion and better inform supervisors where their team members are in the training process.

Additional Enhancements

  • Want to roll out Playbook to non-English speaking locations? Now the entire Playbook app and user interface can be used in Spanish, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.
  • Qualification dates are now based on the date of the most recently completed requirement, to better account for historical training data.
  • To help you better track everyone assigned to a particular qualification, you can now download a report of any qualification’s assignments from that qualification’s assignments tab in Manager.

You can enjoy all these new features today by simply updating your Alchemy Playbook app in the App Store (iOS), Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions at


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