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New Alchemy Playbook Features: Course Version History and Support for Excel/Word

By Product Management Team |

We are excited to announce these new features for Alchemy Playbook that clients have requested. Course version history is a powerful addition that will allow you to interact with and print prior versions of your Playbook courses. The new ability to upload Microsoft Excel and Word files will save course creators time.

Course Version History
Starting today, any new Playbook courses or changed Playbook courses will create a history log that will then allow you to view prior versions of courses. Sometimes you need to go back and see what changed from the last version. You can do that with access to version notes that speak to the changes made. You will see these version history data points:

  • Version number
  • Date
  • Published by
  • Version notes
Screenshot of Playbook version history page. Blue title bar across the top with white text. Three rows of content showing 4 columns of data. The bottom 50-60% of the image is white space.

This version history is available for courses in any language your team uses in training. You’re able to pull up a view of the course from any time and print an outline view of the course content. Print in landscape or portrait mode as you wish.

Upload Word and Excel Files
While we’ve supported you adding PDFs to Playbook courses for years, we heard your request to support additional file formats. You’ll be happy to hear you can now upload Microsoft Word and Excel files.

No longer must you convert your native Word or Excel file into a PDF file. Save this time, and simply upload the files you have worked to create in the .doc or .xlxs formats. Playbook will store such a file in its original format and will also create a PDF version for playback to your workers. Their experience navigating around a PDF will be unchanged.

We continue to invest efforts to make Playbook even better for your job-specific training. Our clients help us prioritize where we go and what’s next. Contribute to this planning by sending your ideas and feedback to


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