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Introducing our new look as Intertek Alchemy

By Robyn Goddard |

It’s official! Alchemy Systems is now Intertek Alchemy, complete with a brand new black and yellow logo. Starting today, the fresh coat of paint will make its debut at   

Of course, Alchemy itself isn’t changing. We’re still committed to helping you build strong safety cultures, just as our updated tag line reads, “Powering Your Workforce.”

We’re excited about the new look. And more importantly, our relationship with Intertek. Intertek’s commitment to innovation has already enabled new product enhancements, as well as new product developments to make your job easier. (Stay tuned for some big announcements coming soon!)

Answers to some potential questions are below. And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager or

Questions and Answers about Our New Branding


Are any Alchemy URLs or email addresses changing?

No. All URLs associated with Alchemy are remaining the same. And all Alchemy employees will continue to have their same email address.


How does this affect my Manager site?

There is no effect to the features or functions of your Manager site. Likewise, there is no impact to Player, Coach, Creator, or any other Alchemy product as a result of this re-branding.


Will our Alchemy platform look different too? Or is it just the company 



Eventually the new look will be reflected within Player, Manager, Coach, Creator, etc., but will be purely cosmetic. You’ll only notice the product logo being updated to match our new branding. There will be no usability or functionality changes associated with the rebranding.

Side note: Don’t worry, we will continue to make product enhancements, unrelated to branding, to give you more powerful features and workflow efficiency!


Will you be updating your name and logo everywhere else too?

Yes. Moving forward, all Alchemy communications will represent the new color scheme and logo, including emails, webinars, etc., Items such as Player base stations and clickers will feature our new logo on future re-orders. However, please continue to use the remotes/stations you already have until you would normally need to order more.


Why did you choose yellow as the new brand color?

This is the yellow brand color of our parent company, Intertek. We are aligned with Intertek’s mission of Total Quality Assurance and it made perfect sense to be aligned visually as well.

More importantly, we’re very excited about the bold, fresh feel of this new color and identity. The yellow color signifies new ideas, innovation, and safety – all elements that are at the foundation of Alchemy’s philosophy. Oops. Intertek Alchemy’s philosophy.


What other changes should we expect as a result of the Intertek acquisition?

This change is purely cosmetic. Our platform remains the same and most importantly our mission and vision are unwavering. We are committed to our clients’ success, by building tools and technology to “develop the knowledge and confidence your employees need to elevate safety, productivity, culture, and compliance.”


Intertek’s acquisition ensures Alchemy has a long-term home and stability. It also provides more resources to drive continuous improvement on the products and services we deliver. These resources have already led to product improvements (such as User Validation improvements in Manager, a Spanish version of The Alchemy of Leadership, and more). And it will result in brand new product launches. Please stay tuned! We’re excited to share some with you soon.  


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