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“Quick Reference” Feature Brings Reference and Reinforcement Capabilities to Playbook

By Product Management Team |

On-the-job training is an important element in any training program, and Alchemy Playbook empowers facilities to easily create specialized training materials on the floor. These training materials may have videos worth rewatching, equipment configurations, or other information that could be useful while working. For needs like this, we added Quick Reference to Playbook and released this new feature today.

Quick Reference in Playbook allows you to access any section of a training course quickly and easily without having to go step-by-step through the course. Sometimes we learn something and need a refresher weeks later. Quick Reference enables you to be pinpoint-accurate and efficient in getting straight to the material you want to revisit.

Training materials our clients produce with Playbook on a tablet may include a variety of content beyond videos, such as links to SOP or OPL (one-point lesson) documents, trouble-shooting information, machine configurations, or maintenance checklists. Any of this can be accessed in Playbook in just a few clicks; see the image below.

Quick Reference transforms Playbook into a manual for everything in your manufacturing environment, at your fingertips. If it exists in digital form or can be digitized with your tablet, then any useful information can be leveraged to support training materials and can then be accessed just in time when needed anywhere on the production floor.

This new feature is part of the latest release for Alchemy Playbook, and you’ll need to update your app on any device to begin using it. We encourage you to do so soon to appreciate the new power you have in your mobile devices to further streamline your operations.

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