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Sustainability Courses to Help Your Company Help Our World

By Product Management Team |

The future for our children, our communities, and our natural world is under threat. Our planet is currently facing unprecedented environmental challenges and there is a new urgency to take action. We all have the power to leave the world a better place, and it will take the efforts of many. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce a Sustainability category to the Alchemy catalog, with 24 courses covering 12 important topics for frontline workers and leaders.

It is by design that we’re making these courses available on World Nature Conservation Day. Intertek Alchemy is fully committed to sustainability; for instance, one of our three 2022 corporate goals focuses on lowering our CO2 emissions. With these courses, you can educate your frontline workers on their roles in your company’s sustainability efforts. These 12 learner courses cover a broad spectrum of topics and are available for both group-based training and eLearning.

Learner CourseCourse Code
Environmental Responsibility: IntroductionUAM001
Environmental Management System: OverviewUAM002
Stormwater RunoffUAM003
Spill PreventionUAM004
Hazardous Waste AwarenessUAM005
Pollution: Air, Water, NoiseUAM006
Water ConservationUAM007
Energy ConservationUAM008
Recycling BasicsUAM009
Waste ReductionUAM010
Process Waste PreventionUAM011
Everyday SustainabilityUAM012

In many cases, these aren’t issues or tasks that workers deal with every day, and a training course will have limited impact unless it’s also supported by organizational change. Recognizing this, we’ve provided an additional 12 facilitator courses that align perfectly with the learner courses.

Facilitator CourseCouse Code
Energy Conservation (Facilitator)UQMEVS008
Environmental Management System: Overview (Facilitator)UQMEVS002
Environmental Responsibility: Introduction (Facilitator)UQMEVS001
Everyday Sustainability (Facilitator)UQMEVS012
Hazardous Waste Awareness (Facilitator)UQMEVS005
Pollution: Air, Water, Noise (Facilitator)UQMEVS006
Process Waste Prevention (Facilitator)UQMEVS011
Recycling Basics (Facilitator)UQMEVS009
Spill Prevention (Facilitator)UQMEVS004
Stormwater Runoff (Facilitator)UQMEVS003
Waste Reduction (Facilitator)UQMEVS010
Water Conservation (Facilitator)UQMEVS007

These eLearning-only facilitator courses are interactive and facility-level EHS managers, continuous improvement managers, sustainability leaders, and others can use them to promote and reinforce the messages frontline workers receive in their training. It is important to recognize that these are more than simply courses – they are powerful toolsets in which you’ll find:

  • Leader videos, summaries of key points, engaging questions for learners, huddle guides to use in groups, etc.
  • Guides to customize the worker courses that go beyond Alchemy Creator (e.g., branded PowerPoint slide layouts)
  • Tools to promote the topics around the facility (e.g., table tents)
  • Recognition awards to call out workers making a difference
  • Data collection tables in Excel that help you measure waste, water, and energy
  • Social media posts to promote your company’s efforts externally

In addition, most of the items in the facilitator toolboxes are downloadable and editable, empowering your leaders to adapt them to the specific needs of your facility. All 24 courses are available in both English and Spanish.

We have produced a video that shows you how to access the frontline worker courses and takes you through one of the facilitator courses as well. This will allow you to see where resources are embedded and better visualize what you can do with this new material. Watch the video below. 

Some Intertek Alchemy clients may recognize these Sustainability courses from their original iteration as the Environmental Responsibility premium library. As part of our commitment to preserving the environment, we are no longer charging extra for these courses. It’s important to us to make this high-quality content accessible to all our clients to increase the opportunity for collective impact.

Studies show that the vast majority of consumers care about the environment, and it’s reported that GFSI may incorporate sustainability into its food safety standards in the future. Moving forward, businesses will need to make changes to operate in a more sustainable fashion. These Sustainability courses will complement and reinforce your efforts by helping you get every worker on board. Together, we can make a difference for our communities, our families, and our future.

Your feedback on how we’re doing is welcome anytime. Send your comments to


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