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Taking Advantage of Alchemy’s Course Creation Services

By Product Management Team |

You may already be familiar with Alchemy Creator, a software tool that makes it easy to customize courses. Many of you use it to edit existing Alchemy courses or to create your own from scratch. But you may not always have the time!

With that in mind, we created Course Creation services for our clients. Now you can utilize this service to convert existing company courseware, training manuals, and paper policies into dynamic courses. You can also use it to translate existing courseware into multilingual training materials.

Your Course Creation Questions, Answered

During our recent webinar,  I answered client’s most common questions about this service.


Usage and Capabilities

What are the different levels for the Course Creation services?
There are four levels you can select from depending on your needs: Conversion, Stylized, Pro Plus, and Bespoke. Here are more details as to what each level provides:

Course creation


1. Once the courses are in Creator, are they able to interact with Alchemy Player and Manager?


Yes, they are basically just like any Creator course you’ve created — it can end up being a group-based training course or an e-learning course.

2. Can I use Course Creation services for office training, or is it only meant for on the floor / on-the-job training?

You can absolutely use Course Creator for office training. It’s perfect for HR or any policy related courses. Whether it is training for your actual office workers or creating courses regarding PTO or sick leave or harassment. And by playing them from the Alchemy platform, you’ll have automated documentation and access to real-time reporting as well.


3. Is there an option to play the courses in English with Spanish subtitles or in Spanish with English subtitles?


There is no function in Creator to set up a course in one language and subtitles in the other. However, there are a few work arounds:

  • Put both languages on the PowerPoint Slide and record voice over in the default language.
  • Add the translated language in the Slide Text field and record the voice over in the default language.
  • Record one language followed by the other and/or add both languages in the slide text field.


4. Are you able to add quizzes within courses or just training courses?

Yes. If you choose the Conversion or Stylized plans and your course originally had quizzes in it, they will stay in there. If you choose Pro Plus and your course did not have any quizzes, we will review and make suggestions, and then add the quiz with your go-ahead.


5. What happens if one of your existing Creator courses needs to be edited?

We can help you edit any of your courses originally made in Creator.



1. Is the one-time charge per year or per project?

The set-up fee is per project. If you initiate a project today that has 20 courses, that incurs a $2500 set up fee. If, say, in 8 months you want to add another 20 courses, that would incur a $2500 set up fee. But if you are in the middle of a 20-course project and realize you need to add on two courses, that would not incur a new project fee.


2. Will the time of the questions/quizzes be included in the per minute fee?

Yes, questions are included in the per minute fee. We calculate time based on word count, which is based on approximately 120 words per minute.


3. Will the pricing remain the same whether it’s an existing Creator course or if it’s one of your old courses?

Yes, the price is the same.


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