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Get the Same Training as FDA Inspectors with New Alchemy Premium Library

By Product Management Team |

Intertek Alchemy has many partnerships that allow us to bring helpful courses to your frontline workers and leaders. Our latest such course library – the Food Safety Inspector premium library – comes through our partnership with the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI). This organization supplies the official training for FDA Inspectors. If you produce products regulated by the FDA, you have likely had their inspectors visit your plant and certainly they will come again, maybe unannounced.

This new in-depth library provides a clear preview of what happens in these FDA inspections. The 19 courses included in the library for managers/supervisors enable you to train like the FDA. This gives you a sharper focus on the regulatory requirements and the perspectives of FDA investigators.

The courses are the exact same courses used by FDA Inspectors to prepare them for the work they’ll perform at your facility, so you will have fantastic insight. This allows you to communicate well with Inspectors, complete the inspection in a shorter amount of time, and minimize disruptions to your operations. As we provide these courses through Alchemy Manager, you benefit from the knowledge checks that confirm understanding, and the convenience of the access, tracking, and reporting you enjoy with all your courses and Learning Plans.

The library is only for eLearning, only in English, and includes these 19 courses that total over 35 hours.

  • Food Inspector: Allergens (UQMIFP008)
  • Food Inspector: Biological Hazards (UQMIFP009)
  • Food Inspector: Biosecurity (UQMIFP002)
  • Food Inspector: Environmental Hazards (UQMIFP011)
  • Food Inspector: HACCP (UQMIFP012)
  • Food Inspector: Imports (UQMIFP013)
  • Food Inspector: Inspections, Compliance, & Enforcement (UQMIFP014)
  • Food Inspector: Integrated Food Safety System (UQMIFP015)
  • Food Inspector: Investigation Principles (UQMIFP016)
  • Food Inspector: Labeling (UQMIFP001)
  • Food Inspector: Personal Safety (UQMIFP010)
  • Food Inspector: Preventive Controls (UQMIFP007)
  • Food Inspector: Public Health Principles (UQMIFP017)
  • Food Inspector: Recalls (UQMIFP003)
  • Food Inspector: Regulatory Foundations (UQMIFP018)
  • Food Inspector: Sampling (UQMIFP019)
  • Food Inspector: Sanitation Practices (UQMIFP004)
  • Food Inspector: Traceability (UQMIFP005)
  • Food Inspector: Transportation (UQMIFP006)

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