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Expanded HR Training Covers Ethics, Human Trafficking, and Reasonable Suspicion

By Product Management Team |

We continue to expand and improve our Human Resources library of training courses. The new courses we released cover important topics in society today like ethics, human trafficking, and reasonable suspicion. We also updated two courses on racism and bias.

New Courses
Modern slavery is a worldwide scourge that has different names and nuances across the world. To effectively represent these distinctions, we produced 3 regional courses on the topic. Most clients will have only one version in their Alchemy Catalog, and if you have 2 or 3, you have a choice in your training assignments. Ethics is the same everywhere – and it’s great for your frontline workers to have a basic understanding of what unethical behavior looks like and why ethics are so important in the workplace.

With dozens of states having some form of marijuana legalization, the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is a growing problem. You now have a supervisor-level course that will assist leaders in navigating employee interactions and testing requirements in manufacturing locations. This new course is in the Supervisor Development category.

These are your new courses:

Course TitleCouse CodeLanguagesRegion
Human Trafficking: Overview UBM043 English, Spanish United States
Forced and Child Labour: Overview UBM045 English, Canadian French Canada
Modern Slavery: Overview UBM046 GB English United Kingdom
Ethics: Overview UBM029 English, Spanish, Canadian French North America 
Reasonable SuspicionUQMRS001English, Spanish*, Canadian FrenchWorldwide
 * The Spanish derivative is not available at the launch of the course – we’ll add it in Q3.

Updated Courses
When we last introduced a collection of new HR courses, clients put them to use and then came back to us with valuable feedback on how to improve two of them. We greatly appreciate this collaborative approach to delivering the best training for your workers.

These are courses we updated and the latest version of each is in your Alchemy Catalog in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.

  • Overcoming Bias – UBM032
  • Racism in the Workplace: Recognition and Response – UBM033

In addition to making changes to course content, we received feedback to change the title of the second course from the less appropriate former title of “Race and Equity.”

These are all important topics for your frontline workers to be informed on if you want a healthy, collaborative, productive culture. We encourage you to add the new courses to your training plan soon.

What else do you need? What other training topics or platform features/functions would help your organization? Please let us know by by sending your ideas and comments to


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