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Update: New Languages Available for Face Mask Course

By Product Management Team |

Update: 6/5/20

We are pleased to announce that the complimentary new course, “Face Masks: Overview is now available in US Spanish, Canadian French, and UK English.

Like the American English version, this course is available in the Workplace Safety category of your Alchemy Manager eLearning course catalog or via download to Alchemy Player. 

Wearing face masks while practicing social distancing is becoming the new normal in manufacturing facilities. And it’s not as simple as just putting them on and taking them off – to help prevent the spread of disease, masks must be worn and handled correctly.

Intertek Alchemy is excited to add a complimentary new course on this important topic, “Face Masks: Overview,”to your library to help protect your frontline workers’ health and safety.


The “Face Masks: Overview” course covers:

  • Instructions on how to properly wear face coverings
  • Best practices for maintaining face coverings during shifts
  • How to safely remove and discard masks


This course is available via eLearning and Player. Below are instructions to access it in both formats:




Search for “Face Masks: Overview” in the Workplace Safety category of your Alchemy Manager eLearning Course Catalog.



Player 7


To download “Face Masks: Overview” to your Player computer, here’s a quick video to walk you thru the process.


If the download did not work… you are most likely on an older version of Player and need to upgrade to Player 7. The process is quick and easy:


  1. Download the Player 7.06 upgrade.


  1. Open the zip file, extract ALL files and folders to your Player computer.


  1. Double click on the “AlchemyPlayerSetup” file.


Congrats! You’re ready to follow the Player 7 instructions above to download the new course


If you’re unable to upgrade at this time, please contact Support and we will assist you.


We hope that you, your employees, your families, and your communities stay safe.


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