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Updated and New Food Safety Courses Covering Waste, Contamination, Record Keeping, and More

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With the dozens of food safety courses we provide clients, it takes time to update them all with current industry regulations and the latest adult learning techniques. We are pleased to provide you with another round that includes seven updated courses and three all-new refresher courses.

As you’ve come to expect in the last 18 months of course releases, we include storytelling in all these courses to help your workers pay attention and better retain the messages. We now present the knowledge-check questions as real-world scenarios that your workers might encounter on the plant floor. It’s not only a test of knowledge, but also a practice session for situations they may be in some day.

Updated Courses
The course updates cover a wide range of topics (shown in list below) that are part of a strong food safety program. Three of the seven courses have slight changes to their titles

Course TitleCourse CodeFormer Course Title
Basic Facility DefenseUDM8Same
Waste Management Procedures and Proper DisposalUDM20Same
Visitor ProceduresUDM21Same
Water Hose SafetyUDM28Same
Environmental Monitoring: BasicsUDM17Environmental Monitoring Basics
Record Keeping: Effective PracticesUDM26Effective Record Keeping Practices
Food Fraud: IntroductionUDM0202Food Fraud

These updated courses are all at the parent level. This means Learning Plans will not be impacted in any way, and you’ll see the new course titles and updated content seamlessly replace the old.

New Refresher Courses
We also have 3 brand new refresher courses! Refresher lessons provide a new take on a topic in a shorter course duration that can help you reinforce training on these essential learnings.

  • Preventing Food Contamination: REFRESHER – UDM057
  • Record Keeping: REFRESHER – Effective Practices – UDM058
  • Pest Control: REFRESHER – Effective Practices – UDM059
Screen shot of training course with white text on a dark background on the right side. Left side has an image with a person's arm reaching into a blue bucket filled with soapy water and sitting in a commercial sink.

You have the flexibility of using all 10 of these courses in group-based training or eLearning, and they are all available in the food safety category in English, Spanish, and Canadian French

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