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Updates to Alchemy Resources Courses

By Product Management Team |

*** Originally published on January 18, 2022, when we updated 17 of the 37 courses, this update shares the latest ***

Intertek Alchemy offers several software solutions to assist with workforce training, retention, and compliance. Our implementation team does an excellent job when we sign new clients. But you can’t learn it all at once, and people turn over or teams expand, creating new admins that did not receive implementation training. To help clients learn when it’s best for them, track the training, and get the most from our partnership, we have 37 training courses on the various components of your Alchemy platform. We released new versions of 17 of these courses in January, 2022, and another 6 today.

We updated the courses to reflect the latest changes to user interfaces and functionality. You will find all these product training courses in the Alchemy Resources category, and they are only available for eLearning. Here are the updated courses:

January 2022 release:

  • Alchemy Platform: Introduction – UQMMA004
  • Alchemy Platform: Setting Up Alchemy Out of the Box – UQMMA002
  • Alchemy Platform: Preparing for Your Alchemy Training Day – UQMMA003
  • Alchemy Player: Using Player to Facilitate Training – UQMMA005
  • Alchemy Player: Setting Up Your Training Space – UQMMA013
  • Alchemy Player: Using Captions in Player Videos – UQMMA007
  • Alchemy Player: Managing Mid-Session Changes – UQMMA008
  • Alchemy Player: Setting Up Kiosk Mode – UQMMA009
  • Alchemy Manager: Overview – UQMMA014
  • Alchemy Manager: Validating Users – UQMMA017
  • Alchemy Manager: Using eLearning – UQMMA012
  • Alchemy Manager: Reporting Options – UQMMA016
  • Alchemy Manager: Learning Plan Reports – UQMMA027
  • Alchemy Manager: Using Learning Plans to Centralize Playlists – UQMMA028
  • Alchemy Manager: Organizing Courses with Custom Categories – UQMMA029
  • Alchemy Creator: Publishing Content in Player and eLearning – UQMMA033
  • Alchemy Playbook: Overview – UQMMA042

July 2022 Release:

  • Alchemy Coach: Overview – UQMMA006
  • Alchemy Manager: Using eLearning – UQMMA012
  • Alchemy Manager: Managing the User Listing – UQMMA015
  • Alchemy Manager: Creating Fixed Date Learning Plans – UQMMA019
  • Alchemy Platform: Content Customization Options – UQMMA030
  • Alchemy Creator: Publishing Content in Player and eLearning – UQMMA033

While we have updated many courses, the Mastering Alchemy exams that test for knowledge gained have not changed. All Alchemy Resources courses are only available in English.

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