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Updates to Food Safety Course Library

By Product Management Team |

Over the last several years, regulations and expectations around facility defense have evolved, terminology has changed, and programs and processes have become more robust. Alchemy has updated two facility defense courses and created a new course to reflect these changes and current industry practice.


Updated Courses:

  • “Basic Food Facility Defense” (UDM8) has been retitled “Basic Facility Defense” and its content has been updated. Estimated duration of this updated course is 17 minutes.

  • “Basic Food Facility Defense — Refresher” (UDM53) has been retitled “Basic Facility Defense – REFRESHER” and its content has been updated. Estimated duration of this updated course is 9 minutes.

    • Course description: Effective defense is essential for preventing deliberate contamination by individuals, and for ensuring the safety of products. This course explains how to promote facility defense both indoors and outdoors, and how to handle visitors and other personnel. It also introduces good practices for securing restricted areas and computer systems.

      • Competencies:

        • Recognize a good practice to promote outdoor security

        • Recognize the importance of being aware of personnel threats

        • Identify a technique for promoting security in restricted areas

        • Understand that products should be checked for signs of tampering


New Course:

  • “Contamination, Adulteration, and Tampering: Introduction” (UDM48); estimated course duration is 7 minutes.

    • Course description: Intentional adulteration, intentional contamination, and food tampering describe a similar intent, which is to cause widespread harm to consumers, public health, or to a company through the food supply. This course provides examples of why products may be harmed and explains the purpose of a food defense plan.

      • Competency:

        • Recognize an action to take if you suspect product tampering



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