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Updates to Food Safety Courses for Preventive Controls, Pathogens, and More

By Product Management Team |

We are on the path to update the essential food safety courses in your Alchemy library. Foodborne pathogens continue to plague us, and to help you ensure your company is not linked to an outbreak, courses for these risky bacteria make up the majority of the 7 courses in this latest round.

Seven Updated Food Safety Courses

With our course updates, we strive to improve the learning experience for your workers by using storytelling and scenario-based questions. We also incorporate industry and regulatory changes to better support your GFSI compliance efforts. While some courses retain their names, there are several courses for Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli that have new titles to make note of, as shown in the table below:

Course TitleCourse CodeFormer Course Title
Salmonella: Controlling it in Food ManufacturingUDM14Same
FSMA: IntroductionUDM27Same
Preventive Controls: OverviewUDM0201Same
Listeria: Understanding the Dangers to FoodUDM12Listeria: Understanding its Dangers to Food
E. coli: Controlling it in Food ManufacturingUDM13E. coli: Overview
E. coli: Controlling it in Food Manufacturing (Produce)UDM13VE. coli: Overview (Produce)
Salmonella and Campylobacter: Controlling them in Food Manufacturing (Poultry)UDM14PSalmonella: Controlling it in Food Manufacturing (Poultry)
Screen shot of a training course showing a farm worker harvesting crops  numbered as FSMA rule 3

As with most Alchemy courses, you have the flexibility of using these in both group-based training or eLearning. We included English, Spanish, and Canadian French versions of the courses in your library.

Retiring Courses
These course updates make two existing food safety courses you’ve been using obsolete, and we will retire them along with an unrelated Alchemy Resources course on Wednesday 5/17/23.

Title of Course to be RetiredCourse CodeReplacement
Listeria: Understanding its Dangers to Food (Produce)UDM12VListeria: Understanding the Dangers to Food – UDM12
Salmonella: Controlling it in Food Manufacturing (Dry)UDM14YSalmonella: Controlling it in Food Manufacturing – UDM14
Implementing Coaching and ObservationsUXM4Alchemy Coach: Overview – UQMMA006
Alchemy Coach: Facilitating a Single-User Observation – UQMMA010
Alchemy Coach: Facilitating a Multi-User Observation – UQMMA011

It is important for you to instruct workers to complete Learning Plans that include these courses or that you replace such Learning Plans prior to this May date. To help you through this transition, we list the appropriate replacement courses for your new Learning Plans in the table above, and we will remind you via email as we get closer to the retirement date.

screen shot of listeria training course showing carrots, pallets, and a person buttoning their work shirt.

If you have ideas on other courses we should update or create or features you’d like to see in our training software, please get in touch with us at


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