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New Courses Add Value to Updated Warehouse Training Library

By Product Management Team |

We have embarked on a journey to update all our warehouse courses this year. Even more exciting, we are significantly expanding our library by creating nearly a dozen more courses we plan to release during the course of 2024. We’ve begun by releasing two new courses to your Alchemy Catalog and updating four existing ones.

Warehouse workers are important to every operation, and we are committed to helping you provide them with the training they need. To this end, we spoke with multiple clients and prospects as we researched warehousing and distribution operations for the last 12-18 months. This gave us a solid understanding of where we needed to add training content and how to improve what we had.

Main image is a black-gloved right hand holding a black and silver box cutter. A row of warehouse shelving with boxes provides a blurry. background.. The teal image frame widens to the left and has three colored icons stacked in a column.

These first new courses help with areas where workers commonly get injured. You’ll want to make sure these become part of Learning Plans for relevant workers:

  • Conveyor Safety (Distribution) – UEM0251
  • Utility Knives and Boxcutters: Basics – UEM0250

With all our updated courses, you’ll see that we include the use of storytelling and scenario-based questions to enhance training effectiveness. It’s key that your workers are engaged when sitting in training, and the more they can recall, the better. Here are the first four courses we’ve updated with industry-leading practices, and the new versions are in your Alchemy Catalog today. A few have name changes that reflect our current naming standards.

Course TitleCourse CodeFormer Course Title
Facility Defense (Distribution)UDM71Basic Food Defense – Distribution
Slips, Trips, and Falls (Distribution)UEM33Slips, Trips, and Falls – Distribution
Material Handling (Distribution)UEM34Material Handling – Distribution
Personal Hygiene (Distribution)UDM70Same

Previously, our warehouse courses were only in English and Spanish. We’re happy to announce that all new courses and updated courses will also come with Canadian French derivatives to provide training in the preferred language for more sites and more workers. All courses continue to be available for both eLearning and group-based training.

We understand client needs and the risks present in your warehouse environments. You can help us be the best partner in your training by sending your ideas and feedback to


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