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New Warehouse Training for Lift Trucks and Aerial Lifts

By Product Management Team |

Many types of equipment are used to move products in a warehouse. That’s exactly why we consulted with our clients to produce three new courses that help protect workers and inventory when they’re operating these vehicles. We also updated a few related courses in our Warehouse library.

This release of new courses is part of an ongoing expansion of our Warehouse library. With a dozen new courses in total, we’re arming our clients with a comprehensive course library to help you keep warehouse workers safe and productive. Here are the new courses in your Alchemy Catalog today.

  • Hand Trucks and Dollies: Operator Safety – UEM0252
  • Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts: Operator Safety – UEM0255
  • Lift Truck Battery Charging Safety – UEM0256

We encourage you to preview these courses in Alchemy Manager and add them to your Learning Plans.

As we expand this library, we’re also thoroughly reviewing our existing warehouse curriculum. We’re making updates to every course to cover modern practices and better relate adult learners to the topics. Here are the latest updated courses:

Course TitleCourse CodeFormer Course Title
Lift Trucks: Operator SafetyUEM30Lift Truck Operator Overview
High Lift Trucks: Operator SafetyUEM31High Lift Truck Review
Pallet Trucks: Operator SafetyUEM32Pallet Truck Review
Screenshot of training course with white text on right side of screen which has a teal background. Photo on left side of screen shows woman in a warehouse wearing an orange vest and hard hat pushing a blue cart holding cardboard boxes.

We sometimes change course titles to better reflect the content or to make them easier for you to find when searching by title; you’ll see the three above have slightly different titles. All new and updated courses are available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.

Look for more warehouse updates and new courses in the coming months. And let us know what you think about this library, or what additional topics you want to see from Alchemy so we can help you strengthen your training program. Send ideas and comments to


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