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More Spanish Coach Observations Now Available

By Product Management Team |

For our clients using Alchemy Coach, we are pleased to announce there are now 11 more observations translated to Spanish available to you.

These new translations are available in the Coach app and Alchemy Manager to all clients who use Coach to both verify training and improve worker performance. They are translations of existing observations, and this release more than doubles the 8 pre-existing Spanish-language observations.

Here are the newly translated observations:

Observation TitleTitle in SpanishObservation Code
Culture: Food SafetyCultura: Seguridad AlimentariaUXOCFS001-en_US
Overview of HACCPResumen de HACCPSA20141030140411-1-en_US
Intro to Food AllergensIntroducción a los alérgenos alimentariosSA20141030144221-1-en_US
Ammonia AwarenessConciencia de amoníacoSA20141030150720-1-en_US
Bacteria BasicsFundamentos de las bacteriasSA20141030143138-1-en_US
Emergency PreparednessPreparación para emergenciasSA20141030145954-1-en_US
Forklift Operator EvaluationEvaluación del Operador de MontacargasUXOUEMFL02-en_US
Forklift Operator Pre-Shift InspectionInspección previa al turno del operador del montacargasUXOUEMFL01-en_US
Machine GuardingProtección de MaquinariaSA20141030150158-1-en_US
Slips, Trips, and FallsResbalones, tropezones y caídaSA20141030144623-1-en_US

These added translations come at no additional charge, and we encourage you to use them as is or customize them to support the uniqueness of the operations at your facility.

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